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Linda Fostek

Established in 2014, The Crisis Planner is your complete disaster planning system. The mission of our one-stop shop is to gather separate resources in one convenient location and empower you with Peace of Mind in the face of life’s disasters. Through effective planning, consolidated tools and resources, The Crisis Planner allows everyone to move forward from a disaster and thrive!

Family Legacy
Through The Crisis Planner, Linda Fostek pays a loving tribute to her father’s legacy. She says that “The Crisis Planner was the vision of a most amazing man. He saw the chaos that a lack of a plan caused upon the death of a loved one. Chaos in not knowing where to find important papers, how to pay bills and run a household.” In his quest to find solutions, he developed the crisis planner. As someone who experienced the loss of her 90-year-old father in 2012, Linda personally knows that this chaos can add to profound and overwhelming emotions. She understands that grief can lead to poor decision making, total collapse and depression. With the help of her father’s effective planning, she helps others minimize the impact of loss during personal and natural disasters.

Comprehensive Planning System
The Crisis Planner unifies separate pieces of information about disaster planning in a complete, easy-to-access and use system. Baby boomers and others will benefit from the following resources:

  • “And Now What?” book: Planning guide and survivor’s checklist providing answers about what to do before, upon and after the death of a parent of spouse

  • “Shit Happens” book: Planning guide for surviving life’s personal and natural disasters

  • “The Crisis Planner” Systems: Self-guided ROADMAP, Guided Planning System “GPS”, and complete system for Home Operation

In addition, The Crisis Planner provides information about document storage, contacts and more. You will learn how to develop an “In Case of Emergency” file. Options are also provided for complete concierge services for collecting, coordinating, securing, updating and maintaining emergency plans to protect your family. The Crisis Planner can help you avoid surprises, panic and fear during every type of disaster. Take control of your life, and plan specific ways to cope with emergencies and disasters today. Contact us for special customizing and bulk order pricing!